My name is Sue ‘Suz’, a Widow, a Mum, a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt, a ‘Grammie’, a Friend, a Writer (of sorts!) … I enjoy reading, cycling, horse riding, hiking, camping and spending time with family and friends. Essentially, as a Christian, I write from a Christian perspective, mostly about grief and about my own personal grieving process in everyday life. I’m so glad you stopped by, to read my blog! If you’ve lost anyone close to you or if you’re experiencing hardship and struggles in family, marriage or with illness or even if it’s reading out of interest; my hope is that you, dear reader, will enjoy reading and gain helpful tips & encouragement from my blog.

I lost my husband Fred ‘George’ after 29 years of marriage. It was on 26th December 2013 – Boxing Day! Yes! After the festivities of Christmas and the joy of meeting with family, suddenly he was gone, at the age of 56. Since then, I have also lost my Dad. Peter, my father, was a great Colonial man and leaves an even greater legacy – (17June1931-27Aug2018) Greatly missed.

I wanted to create this blog as a platform to express, among other things, my personal grief journey. So why a ‘matter of life and death’ , you may ask? Why write anyway? Anything to gain? What topics are to be included / excluded? Who is my audience? 

‘Matter of life and death’ to me depicts the extremes we face – To me it is a matter of life and death that I share it! Death is not the end! There are strategies to cope, ways to look up and forward to bring hope to those left behind grieving.

My hope is that you will find in my blog encouragement, hope and inspiration. Which is why I say, ‘My future is so bright I need sunglasses!’ ~ Yesterday, today and tomorrow God willing.

Hopeful I am. Grieving too. Sharing with you, Dear Reader, my personal journey …

Join me!