Belt and Braces

Ever felt, after delivering a speech, eulogy or message, writing an article…Doh! I should’ve said that! Why didn’t I include so-and-so? If only. A wise person once said, “Don’t say ‘if only’, say ‘next time’!” In some cases you only have one chance to get it right! Huh?

Recently, I had a chance to tell ‘My Story’ in front of a small audience. Yes, we’re not alone in thinking all of the above! There are various ways, I feel, we CAN put things right, make a point and fill in the gaps of should’ve, would’ve and could’ve, but mostly you’ve just got to walk away. You did your best after all!

Changing tack a bit, reminiscing about my late husband George .. He had a knack of insisting on wearing a belt and braces! It was essential. This was before he lost half his body weight. You can read about it here. George used to say, “What keeps me going is knowing you love me.” Love. That sums up in one word the real nitty-gritty ‘belt and braces’ we all need to keep us going.

Figuratively speaking, when I was growing up, got married, during hubby’s intense illness and difficult times, my belt and braces are attributed to some amazing people who did many amazing things!! I’m so thankful to them and this is why:

  1. Background – My Mum, Dad, brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins. THANKFUL to my family for the carefree lifestyle enjoyed on our farm, attending private schools. We wanted for nothing, as children growing up in Africa, enjoying camping, holidays, horse riding, water skiing and hiking adventures in the Drakensberg mountains.
  2. History – My husband, 2 wonderful children Rhoda and Jason (now both married). It was not all hard times! THANKFUL to them for fun times, doing life together, camping, braais (BBQ), Christmas and having friends and church family around – an open home!
  3. Church Family – THANKFUL to my church family for their invaluable support! These are just a few ways in which they did and continue to support: coffee meet-ups, budgeting help, advice, gardening, taking washing away, returning washing ironed, painting & decorating (for free!), hedge cutting, laughing and crying with us, mentoring our children when we weren’t in a position to, financial support, visits in hospital, counselling, loving, caring, supporting, texting daily, praying, sitting & listening, sending cards, sharing a meal, bringing a meal, getting planning for & building a disabled ramp for a scooter, bringing flowers, providing lifts, board game fun, subsidizing a flight for a funeral, walks & talks & MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

I don’t have all the answers, but this one thing I DO know, that without the support of my church family, the leaders, Christians praying, family & friends and especially my support group I wouldn’t be where I am today.

During the storms of life, I believe, we have an anchor, a refuge from the lashing waves and relentless winds – a true friend who loves us, comforts us and gives us hope. A wise person put it this way, “Christ is the source of hope for the whole world … Jesus Christ is our hope.” Jesus Christ is my living hope which is why I can press on with confidence and assurance that he holds my future. Till next time, thanks for listening. Take care, Suz 🙂


Acknowledgements ~ Quote: John Paul ll Photos:

8 thoughts on “Belt and Braces

  1. Lisa Green says:

    Love reading your blog sue, and I really recognised a reflection of Paul and the changes I saw in him while he was suffering. You are right, people change for the better when facing adversity and deciding to trust God xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Suz says:

      Thank you Lisa! Pleased you enjoy reading it and it’s all thanks and credit to YOU for introducing me to blogging!! Bless you 🤗. Paul and George both changed and we can reflect on their changes and perhaps help others through our writing ✍️ ~ was and still is like watching a story unfold before our eyes! 😊 xxx


    1. Suz says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! Andrea but you do/ can 😉 You give great advice and express yourself well in ways I can’t! Different gifts… thanks for your comments xx


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