Believe it or not, stuckness is a word!

Stuckness (Noun)

The state or fact of being unable to move or progress; the feeling of being stuck.

In the past there have been various people who have felt stuck in life – people like Albert Einstein and Walt Disney. So, if you’re stuck in any way, shape or form … you’re in good company!

So, how many ways are there of being stuck?

– stuck in life

– stuck in a relationship

– stuck in grief

– stuck in the mud

– stuck on a fairground ride

– stuck on an exam question

– stuck in a job

– stuck between a rock and a hard place! …. to list just a few.

I was amazed to come across varying websites of life coaching: ‘7 ways to stop feeling stuck’ and ‘You are not stuck!’ Also, ‘8 ways to gain momentum’. As well as Amy Scher’s 10 stuck emotions

It appears a lot of psychologists and therapists have a lot to say about stuckness!

Love this version, blog and interpretation depicting dear old Pooh Bear by Dr Ken Baker Stuckness

Oh, help!” said Pooh. “I’d better go back.”
“Oh, bother!” said Pooh. “I shall have to go on.”
“I can’t do either!” said Pooh. “Oh, help and bother!”

Stuckness is a fact of life. From time to time we all find ourselves in a situation where going forwards or backwards both seem impossible.

FACT! Solution? Care to share …

Care to share your thoughts and experiences?

Thanks for reading! Suz

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Pooh Bear –


6 thoughts on “Stuckness

  1. Lisa Green says:

    Hi Sue, I certainly relate to stuckness in grief! It can feel like going round and round but ending up back in the same place. And, a feeling of not wanting to really go forward for fear of leaving them behind? And knowing you cannot go back to having them. But being unable to face a future where they will not play a part? I’m rambling now!! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Suz says:

      Oh Lisa, know just what you mean! Sometimes, don’t you think, it’s like going one step forward and two steps back?! Ramble away!!!! It’s I think just as you intimated ‘for fear’ of many things …. vulnerability comes into the mix too. Stuckness in grief is complicated! Thanks so much for sharing and introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging 😊 x


    1. Suz says:

      How true Karen! Thanks as ever for your perspective… know the feeling on some days too. On brighter other days though, hey they’re just glorious!! You’re right, means I’m stuck too! 😊


  2. Mary Incorvaia says:

    Hmm, I feel ‘stuckness’ is a part of life, as we work thru it we grow and hopefully move on. Not easy but by the Grace of God we can move on, I think God would like us too.
    Pooh is soo cool. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Suz says:

      Oh Mary, thank you so much for your lovely comments! Yes I think you’re right stuckness is part of life and yes it’s not easy … onward and upward!! Love and blessings my friend 😊 xx


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