Free fall vs Cruise control

‘Loss shakes us. The mind spins while the heart frantically searches for solid ground in the midst of what appears to be a free fall.’

Not only applicable to those grieving, we all may have had this sensation at one stage or another.

There are two characteristics of free-falling objects:
#Free-falling objects do not encounter air resistance
#All free-falling objects (on earth) accelerate downwards at a rate of 9.8m/s/s

(Now that’s food for thought,hey? at 2am as I write …)

Observation of a sky diver in free fall – It is required of such an individual to do something to avoid cascading to his/her death. Right? There’s a clue here: within the equipment provided, something requires action on his/her part. PULL THE CORD!!

“People make the difference. Grieving people need people! They need people to show up & join them, in the free fall” Note to self, treasure those friendships and family that show up in times of need.

CS Lewis sees it this way: For in grief nothing stays put. One keeps on emerging from a phase, but it always recurs. Round and round. Everything repeats. Am I gaining in circles or dare I hope I am in a spiral? But if a spiral, am I going up or down it?

On our recent trip to Ireland our hire car had a cruise control facility to it. From time to time the speed limit was 120 km an hour on the motorway for a considerable length of time. Logical to flick the switch onto cruise control, yes? First experience of cruise control appeared from the driver’s seat to be a horizontal equivalent of a free fall. Bizarre feeling to have a powerful surge of energy from a machine in full flight, by the way BOTH feet off the pedals. Suffice to say cruise control not mastered on this occasion!

Parallel to this memory I consider some experiences perhaps you, Dear Reader, can also identify with or add to? -:

– a house burnt down & the sense of loss and shock at losing everything
– a bike or car accident and the repercussions that has for all involved
– an exam failure
– loss of a dear friendship
– a girlfriend/ boyfriend/ marriage break up
– sudden loss of earnings
– loss of a business
– having to flee from your homeland
– ill health
– the death of a family member or friend
– coping with a disability


For me, climbing a mountain helps bring some perspective, following a downward spiral. A shepherd boy and a king put it this way:
‘Lead me to THE ROCK that is higher than I’


The Physics Classroom
Please be patient I’m grieving – Gary Roe
CS Lewis
Psalm 61



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