Brunfelsia pauciflora – AKA ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ plant. The curious common name was given to the plant because of the quick colour change of blossoms. It produces a fascinating display of flowers from spring until the end of summer. The flowers start out purple and gradually fade to lavender and then white. The shrub also has delightfully fragrant flowers of all three colours throughout its blooming season, (an excerpt from a gardening journal). I miss the display and this shrub’s fragrance, from my African roots!

Photo from Ann Groves Bishop

With this in mind, having recently returned from our company organised Memorial Carol Service where a building was lit fit for the occasion, chandeliers dimmed, choir poised to sing, readers ready to go forward on cue and carols sung from the heart by over one hundred grieving souls. From the back of the auditorium it was moving to be part of this corporate remembrance as one-by-one, men, women and children moved forward to the altar to place their photo on a felt board, a visual tribute, memories from days gone by … one photo that represented ‘The Missing One’ at the table during the festive season. Each photo was clipped to a peg and each peg was joined to a string and array of battery operated fairy lights. At the given moment the lights dimmed further to reveal the lit up pictures of each loved one much missed.

Pondering, I reflect that yesterday, today and tomorrow we are all likely to miss or have missed a special someone. We MISS. They are MISSED and MISSING. Sharing with you, dear reader some of what I miss most about my late husband George – perhaps you’ll care to join me on a trip down memory lane, won’t you? Perhaps you too can identify & share your ‘misses’?

Miss your warmth and welcoming embrace when I get home from work
Miss your infectious laugh – (snort) – back to laugh & straight face again
Miss your compliments and appreciation: “That looks good on you!” or diplomatic, “What about trying ________”
Miss your unique ‘smell’. The familiar fragrance and aftershave on special occasions
Miss your phone ring tone – your text answers with a simple ‘K’ (We told you many times you don’t pay more for more words!)
Miss your scrumptious posh meals … Baked Alaska, Beef stroganoff, Spaghetti (or ‘Spag Bog’ as you called it!)
Miss too your slap – up quick family meals, cooked when you’re ill – and – exhausted meals
Miss your enthusiastic tele shout – outs at the referee: “That’s not fair Ref!”
Miss your passion for sport, nature, cooking and archaeology, justice for the poor
Miss your faith, your ability to persevere ‘through it all’
Miss holidaying, camping, long drives and family times together
Miss sharing and dreaming, chatting about ‘the kids’ – their growing years
Miss gift wrapping & present opening time
Miss watching the sunsets and sunrise, listening to bird songs and guessing ‘which bird’
Miss Christmas and birthdays, anniversaries and special days
Miss hosting and passing round the visitors book
Miss the privilege of caring for you, ‘in sickness and in health’
Miss EVERYTHING about you

While penning all of the above, (without full stops), the revelation came to me that life does not have to have a full stop! Yes we all die one day, but it doesn’t have to end there. So if our yesterday is forgiven, our today is secure and tomorrow he (God) holds in his hands.

We know that God holds tomorrow in his hands. We know that because our life is hidden with Christ in God (cf. Col. 3:1-4) our tomorrow is secure.



3 thoughts on “Miss

  1. Vee says:

    Beautiful. Sitting thinking about my Dad and the things I miss even after 22 yrs. His smile, the feel of his hand holding mine, his unconditional love and many other things

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  2. Karen Foster says:

    I love that image of people’s photos hanging on a string and lit up! What a sweet idea we could emulate at home! Also intrigued by the plant you mentioned!
    However, uppermost and heartfelt, is the sweet memories of your husband. I’m encouraged seeing how you embrace what you miss about him while at the same time….embracing life! We can be thankful that one day, we’ll be reunited with loved ones around the table of the Marriage Feast of The Lamb.

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