Covered with Feathers


Fact is about birds, whether flightless like penguins or able to fly like a sparrow, they tend to protect their young.

Popping up on the social media news feed recently, I discovered a photo of a special bird. Struck by its obvious maternal (or paternal) instinct to protect his/her young, I observed and pondered the truth and comparison: that of a parent with a child.

What was that bird doing in that position? Why? What was the danger? How important is it for these chicks to take refuge? What’s the danger? None the wiser, I accept there must be a valid reason …

So, if all truth is parallel (have heard it said), in nature, then so it is in life. Wonderful it is to watch a mother and daughter in the park, protective at the swings. Equally, a father and son, hands ready to catch as the younger leaps into the arms of the older and wiser.

Back to mama – bird! Imagining hail is pelting down, rain like sheets soak the poor thing from every angle. Shame! Or snow for that matter, maybe? Below could be all sorts of predators. Above: rain, hail or snow. And yet. (I’ll repeat that shall I?!) And yet, those chicks, those cute little vulnerable fledglings are covered with FEATHERS. Protected from it all and through it all.

Application facts that struck me while pondering about feathers, was this: The reality about this picture brought comfort and encouragement as I recognised, I believe, God ‘s comfort and protection for those who are his children.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge – Psalm 91:4

Reading on in the same passage, from scriptures that are well-read by bible scholars world wide, in classrooms, palaces and churches; recited from fields and mountains to office blocks and high rise buildings, in the hearts and minds of those who dare to believe…

His faithful promises are your armour and protection.

It’s a matter of life and death to find refuge, comfort and shelter in times of trouble and danger. Great security and protection is promised to believers in such times.

Oh to be covered with feathers!


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