Twists, turns, signs … & a lemon

“Whatever happens, give thanks …”

When a recent visit to Newport Nature Reserve brought with it a welcome breath of fresh air, I was truly grateful. A place my late husband and I visited, at a time in his life when he was less able; it provided the means for him to be away from the usual hum-drum of every day life. Along the path to East Usk Lighthouse there is a hill … not a very steep hill, but substantial enough to be treacherous if attempted in wet weather on a mobility scooter. For this reason it is best tackled in a zigzag motion, from left-to-right, turn, then from that side to the other – and so on. There you have it! Get the picture?! The crest of the hill can be easily reached in a few strides if you’re able bodied and in 10 minutes or more if not. On this visit, remembering the scene ‘back then’, I paused, took a photo and walked up the hill on my own. Surprised at my reaction to this memory moment I reflected on my grief journey thus far with it’s fair measure of twists and turns.

Life’s like that. There are twists and turns, as in the hill. For me, there have been times of great sorrow vs times of even greater joy, times of good health vs not-so-good, unemployment vs amazing open-doors of opportunity, funerals and weddings, births and deaths. “What can we say and how should we react to these circumstances?” I ask myself. “Whatever happens, give thanks …”

Not always easy, I reflect, given my day yesterday – It was all going swimmingly to begin with, a lot to get ticked off my Saturday list:

A meeting, hair appointment, grass clippings to the ‘tip’, shop & cook then bunny sitting and time to ‘chill’ – Most was accomplished by the end of the day, except the disposal of grass clippings!

Lo and behold a sign greeted me at the gate! “Can’t be!”  “Surely not!” The gate was closed. Shock. Horror. So it meant turning around at the refuse site where I would ordinarily have disposed of my load of grass, driving home and emptying bag-after-bag of stinky grass into the yard to deal with another day. Ever had a day like that? “Whatever happens, give thanks …” Suffice to say, the next day was a sunny day to tick this off the list. Phew!


“So, what about the lemon?” you may ask. “Where do lemons fit into the scenario?” I love lemons (only with fish or fizzy drink), prefer sweet things like honey. I came across this author unknown quote the other day and have been debating it’s truth and relevance ever since.

“When life deals you a lemon, don’t forget to add some sugar.”


Image courtesy of Google – ‘lemon tree alden cornell molokai hawaii’

Does life really ‘deal’ you anything? OR do you have a choice? Food for thought – love to hear from you.

“Whatever happens, give thanks …” God’s will, as written in I Thessalonians 5:18.”So if it is His will, surely it’d be good to be my desire too?” my debate.
Till next time, Suz.



2 thoughts on “Twists, turns, signs … & a lemon

  1. Karen Foster says:

    I wonder how many folks “believe God’s Word” but actually follow through with this verse…to give thanks in everything. I know it’s not m first reaction. ha However, God knows that needs to be our perspective or He wouldn’t tell us to be thankful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Suz says:

      Fully agree! Just this week I’ve been hearing encouraging messages on ‘in all circumstances ‘ giving thanks. That praise helps you to get the right perspective 😉 Thanks for stopping by Karen – appreciated.


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